NY’s First Cash Mob at Second Time Around

July 30, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Shopping is fun but shopping with friends is always better. This Thursday, Second Time Around’s Upper West Side location is hosting a totally unique discount promotion that is poised to unite friends and offers amazing savings.

While we’ve all heard of flash mobs we are much more attracted to the money savings opportunity of a “Plurro Cash Mob.” As you and your friends RSVP to the Second Time Around sale the discount will increase. As of now, the markdown stands at 20% but once more than 20 customers RSVP the discount will go to 25% off anything in the store. When 50 people RSVP the savings will increase to 30%. You see? The more people who attend the sale, the more money you save.

In addition to being a fun way to shop, Second Time Around’s Plurro Cash Mob sale is stocked with some ultra discounted designer finds. We hear that the sale will include plenty of Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Gucci and Louboutin. During our sneak preview we spied a Louis Vuitton travel case, Herve Leger dresses and some standout pieces from D&G.

You, your friends, family, colleagues and other can acquaintances download the Plurro iPhone and iPad application here to join the Plurro Cash Mob craze. After you’re logged in, you can continue to the Second Time Around promotion and join in by clicking the “Attend Cash Mob” button. When you arrive at the store, simply pull up the Mobile Ticket in the app and you get your discount. Simple, right? You can also click here to see a full tutorial of the Plurro app and all of its capabilities.

This completely new way of shopping is poised to take New York by … mob. You are entirely in control of your savings and you never know when a discount will strike.

So while you may be more accustomed to a Zumba flash mob in and Central we prefer the participation of Plurro’s first ever New York Cash Mob at Second Time Around. Hey, the savings may even repair the damage that all those silly dances did to your reputation.

Second Time Around
RSVP Plurro Cash Mob
Thursday, August 1 from 4pm to 8pm
238 West 72nd Street

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