True Samples, Insanely Low Prices at Kim Ovitz

April 26, 2013 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

If you’re petite and fit into a true sample size then you’re going to need to go to the Kimberly Ovitz sample sale. Size 4s brace yourselves!

All collection pieces are $25 (many of her dresses retail in the $400 range) and her diffusion line O is all $15. There are many of Ovitz’s signature diaphanous jersey dresses which are appropriate for the season, but the most desirable styles we spotted were long sleeved collection dresses. There are some gorgeous body-con beige patterned dresses reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan’s now-infamous “Glavis” dress, as well as a neat gray dress with tiered silk sleeves. A basic black wool sheath dress with perfect tailoring and back zipper detail was a standout, along with a fancy gold sequined cocktail dress with back cutout.

For those of us not a perfect size 4, the O by Kimberly Ovitz line has some great high-low cut “Haru” tencel dresses that’s more forgiving and perfect for a pool or beach cover-up –especially at just $15. There are also some sample bins on the floor, but the majority of the items are still pinned or unfinished. There is also a rack of pants available, but nobody seemed that interested in them.

Be cautioned there are no fitting rooms, so layer appropriately for try-ons. Since there will be no restocking, it is better to check this sale out earlier rather than later. A nice bonus? Each purchase comes with a reusable eco-friendly Kimberly Ovitz tote bag.

Kimberly Ovitz Sample Sale
Friday, April 26th
10am to 6pm
401 Broadway (between Lispernard & Walker st.)
Suite 1812


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