Safety Trumps Style

April 17, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Whether we like it or not part of our adult responsibility is assuring the saftey of our businesses, assets and family. (Not necessarily in that order, of course.) Classic Protection Security & Investigations is New York’s premier full service security and investigations firm, offering a wide array of services in a variety of settings ranging from high-end retail to special events and executive protection.

You know that safe feeling you have walking into Bergdorf Goodman? Well, it’s Classic Protection that’s partly to credit. Other prestigious retail clients include, Michael Kors, World Yacht and Hugo Boss. On a more personal level, Classic Protection can conduct credit and background checks, infidelity investigations and trace asset locations.

Classic Protection is owned, managed and staffed by retired law enforcement. All of their armed officers are active or retired law enforcement from various agencies, primarily NYPD. Classic Protection also has a staff of NYS Certified Fire Safety Directors. Feel safer just reading this, huh?

So now you know where the in-the-now go when they need a consultant to evaluate their internal and external vulnerabilities or a hunky suit to escort them to their car. Don’t wait, contact Steve Luise, director of client services today, because safety is always in style

Classic Protection, Security & Investigations 
88 New Dorp Plaza, Staten Island, NY 
Steve Luise:


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