Inside the Cesare Paciotti Sale

March 21, 2013 by Lila Delilah

We knew you were wondering what treasures are inside the Cesare Pacoitti sale so we decided to do a bit of investigative reporting. A quick jaunt to 57th street was one of the more exciting pre-sale warm-ups we’ve encountered in quite some time. Prices for the Italian spikes range from 70% to 80% off and there is wide range of styles to impress everyone from the classic gal to the more experimental fashion gal.

Lucky shoppers who fit into a traditional shoe sample size (37 or 40) will be presented with the best selection for the best prices. Sample shoes from this season’s collection are 80% off and include the Amy — named after Amy Winehouse. These hot pink and red shoes are under $200 from a retail price of $975. Classic lizard pumps with an internal platform are $170 from $145 and a similar platform are about $140 from $725. (You can see a full range of pictures from the sale right here.)

Over in the selection of open stock you will find a full size run of several of summer and winter styles all priced at 70% off retail. A must have classic black tall boot is about $750 from $2,520, a more edgy style boot is $420 from $1375, botties with Swarovski gems are $360 from $1195, jeweled encrusted sandals are $390 from $1275 and a tribal style wedge is about $270 from $895.

The sale also includes a wide selection of men’s shoes that follow the same discount as the women’s shoes. Sample are 80% off and open stock is 70%. Sample size for men are 6s and 10s but the open stock runs up to a size 12. The children’s shoes include a small selection of sneakers all priced at $60.

In the middle of the showroom space there is a large table of bags that include new styles along with some vintage Paciotti. All the bage are priced at 70% off retail except for some styles that are missing gems or damaged. Those bags are priced at 80% off.

The sale opens Friday at 10am and runs through Saturday. There will be no restocking, so we suggest attending the sale early. Just remember to hit the ATM first because you’re going need the Benjamins.

Cesare Paciotti Sample Sale
Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23
10am to 6pm
12 West 57th Street, suite 901
Cash Only


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