Bloomies Chanel Shoe Sale

March 15, 2013 by Lila Delilah

Just when you think there’s nothing fun to buy on sale, we run into a Chanel shoe sale with a markdown enough to brighten our day. Bloomingdales has rounded up the final pieces left from the winter 2012 collection and is discounting them 40%.

The sale assortment includes about a dozen styles. Among them are ice heel booties in a purple-pink for $1200 from almost $2000, short boots trimmed in teal are $720 from $1200 and nude ballet flats are about $425 from $745. (You can click here to see photos of all the shoes included in the sale.)

We have a feeling that some of these styles may have been further reduced some time during the hight of sale season but can’t be certain. The normal first markdown for Chanel shoes is 30% and most styles and sizes clear out within days. So, if you find your size among these styles you might consider yourself lucky.


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