Coming Soon: Chanel Bag Markdown

December 6, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Most designers and boutiques started their first markdown right before Thanksgiving but Chanel and Louboutin always like to make a fashionably late entrance into sale season. Starting Wednesday, department stores and boutiques will be able to offer discounts on both tony brands.

Shoppers can expect to save up to 40% off on seasonal styles of Louboutin shoes and bags and Chanel clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags. Yes, you heard right. We spoke to several Chanel experts who confirmed that select bag styles will be included in this season’s markdowns.

We must point out that classic style bags will most definitely not be included in the markdown. Expect to find more seasonal styles, colors and textures. You can  click here to see a catalogue of shoes that are expected to be in the markdown. We will post bag pictures once more concrete information is available.  Below is an overview of the bag markdown situation at several stores in our area: 

Bloomingdales: We saw several nylon cocoon style bags that are expected to be included int he markdown.

Saks Fifth Avenue: The store will be casting forward several styles that have been tucked away in the stock room for several seasons.

Bergdorf Goodman: A Chanel bag specialist at Bergdorf Goodman could not confirm exactly which bags will be included but says that the inventory will be much larger than usual. This is absolutely the place to if you’re serious about getting a Chanel bag for a discount.

Chanel 57th Street: Sale? What’s sale? How do you spell that?


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