Presale at Gucci & YSL

November 19, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Early this week is the best time time to get shop if you’re looking for a bit of savings and beating the crowds. Department stores and high-end boutiques have started taking presale orders for holiday promotions.

Most recently, Gucci and YSL started their presales. Right now, you can save between 30% and 50% off at Gucci boutiques. If you prefer to shop online then you can use this private online presale link and your order will ship on November 30th. In-store shoppers, who find a compassionate sales person, may be able to take their purchases with them immediately.  While browsing the Gucci boutique, we found a lilac Soho tote for $979 from $1395, a black wool cape is $1100 from $2200 and Betty platform booties are $500 from $1000.

Over at Yves Saint Laurent/ Saint Laurent/ Saint Laurent Paris –still can’t figure out the rebranding and don’t really care– you should be able to presale your intended purchases within a boutique. There is no online presale link, yet. The discount is similar to Gucci with bags marked 30% off but clothing is 40% off. While the store is fully stocked, we suggest grabbing a pair of these metallic silver pumps or a leather miniskirt.

Those who have an affinity for YSL beauty can save 20% off during the brand’s friends and family beauty event. Shoppers can use this link take advantage of the is private link. The sale runs through November 22 and you can use the code PREVIEW12.


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