Madison Ave Loan Co

November 15, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Madison Avenue Loan Co. is a private loan company that offers high-end clients collateralized bridge loans on jewelry, art, exotic cars and other valuable items. For more time sensitive needs Madison Avenue Loan Co. can appraise and purchase your valuables immediately.

Just think of it,  from the time you have performance evaluations to when your company actually cuts the bonus check can be agonizing. Madison Avenue Loan Co. can take the edge off that pain and allow you to finance your annual New Year’s vacation or the second half of your children’s private school tuition.

Professional discretion is always a priority. Meetings take place in a plush office located conveniently in mid-town Manhattan. No transaction is too small or too large. All inquires are confidential and regarded with a high level of sensitivity. Call today to find out more information.

Madison Avenue Loan Company

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