Busting the Saks Door Buster

November 16, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Want to pick up some great deals at Saks Fifth Avenue for Black Friday but loath the idea of shopping among the throngs of early morning shoppers? Our trick is presaling the items we most covet.

Starting Monday, you can ask a Saks sales person to set help you set aside the purchases you would otherwise make the day after Thanksgiving. If you play your cards right you can save yourself 70% off.

It may not seem like great-discount-shopping season but the markdowns add up quickly. Right now the  many items are discounted 40% off. Then the Saks door buster is usually another 50% off if you shop before noon. Before you know it, you have a November markdown of 70% off.

There’s one hitch, not all items are included. The extra 50% only pertains to items already marked down. You might need to sift through some racks to find what you want but it’s better than waiting for the consolidation sake. So, we highly suggest you go to Saks early next week if you’re looking to take advantage of the unbelievable deals presented by Saks. Otherwise, you can always door bust with the best of them.


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