Off the Runway Fashion Trends

September 13, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Most people believe that the fashion on the runway dictates the future of style. The truth is that these days it’s more likely that the fashion from the street will inspire the designs from on the runway.

Leopard prints are always in style but this season the prints and fabrics worn by trndsetters seem to be bolder and brighter. For a more wintery look you can push the boundries of cutting-edge fashion and good taste by opting for a leopard print haram pant in a plush velvet. (Hey we’re recording the trends not making them.) For spring 2013 the volume gets very loud with the leopard pattern turning up in brightly saturated colors.

Partially Shaved Heads

We’re not sure when partially shaved heads became  fashion fabulous but we have a hunch that BryanBoy has something to do with this trend. Throughout the tents we spotted several attendees sporting dos that included a portion of the head being shaved. Proceed with caution.

Stella McCartney Floral Print Dress
There’s always one fashion item that emerges as a must-have item for the season. Last year, it was the Celine luggage tote and this season it is undoubtedly a Stella McCartney floral print dress. This bright blue dress is accented with an Indian-inspired floral pint and has been the must have item for the week. We’ve spotted several fashion editors and tastemakers wearing this dress and noticed that many sizes are already sold out online. This is one of those items that may not make it to sale season. So but it now, or forever hold your piece (or peace).


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