The It-it: AVF Acrylic Accessories

July 20, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Wearing a great pair of shoes is one way to dress up an outfit and the same philosophy goes for home furnishings. We have recently become obsessed with Alexandra von Furstenberg’s acrylic home accessories.

The collection includes candy bowls, vases, napkin rings, coasters, trays and treasure boxes in a rainbow of bright colors. Our favorite piece, however, is the limited edition Lotus Bowl. The multi-faceted bowl can be used to display fruit, flowers or just on it’s own to brighten up a spot in your kitchen, dining room or living area. What makes this particular item uniquely special is the way it refracts light. Our favorite color, is obviously orange.

Unfortunately, like an amazing pair of shoes this type of home chic is not inexpensive. The aforementioned bowl is almost $1000 but an 8-pack of bright coasters are just $158. You can view the AVF accessories collection online here and  at Maison 24 on Park Avenue South and in Bridgehampton. Just don’t blame us when you find yourself hopelessly addicted to lucite.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Limited Edition Lotus Bowl ($958)


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