Marshalls Downtown Shoe MegaShop

June 20, 2012 by Lila Delilah

By ManhattanMataHari

When most of us hear about downtown shopping we immediately think of pricey boutiques. If you’re in the Astor Place area we suggest that you seek out the nearly incognito Marshalls Shoe MegaShop. The two story of discount shoes and accessory emporium is full of shoe options that will please even the most picky shopper.

Although the store is very large it’s not as overwhelming as DSW. The majority of the shoe stock is contemporary but  that’s what local, budget conscience NYU students need, right? With a bit of searching, however, you can find some higher-end brand shoes that can even please a Madison Avenue shopper.

We suggest heading straight to the sales racks where most of the designer shoes land. There you can find Salvatore Ferragamo chain slides and Ralph Lauren Collection wedges for about $100. Brightly colored $150 Kate Spade wedges are very current season and we adored Jean-Michel Cazabat open toed booties that were just $129.

Some of the best deals we found were Sam Edelman sandals for under $40 and popular Louboutin-esque spiked back pumps for a cool $79. The perfect look-for-less item, right?

Marshalls Shoe MegaShopa
740 Broadway (Near Astor Place)
(212) 475-4981


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