The It-it: Nasty Gal

April 20, 2012 by Lila Delilah

Prom season is just about to get started and we couldn’t help ourselves from wondering where the younger generation is shopping. Sure there are some Upper East Side teens that wear the same designers to the prom as their mothers’ wear to the Met Ball. More more typical teens, however, opt for the trendy Nasty Girl website.

Despite the porn sounding name, Nasty Gal specializes in new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. The site’s fashion forward ecstatic and moderate price point make it an all time favorite with the gals from Trinity, Chapin and Horace Mann. Most items on the site are under $100.

Nasty Gal’s look is consistently styled to mirror a blogger’s street scene. We are told that prep-school gals are buying into this look by the box-load and pairing the outfits with higher-end accessories. An Hermes clic-clac bracelet or collier de chien cuff are the most popular punctuations to these street tend cloths.

As for prom, moms are happy that their daughters are as satisfied with a $98 Nasty Gal dress as they are with a more elaborate Oscar gown. It’s the more “nasty gal” crop tanks that worry the parantals.


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