Joe Fresh Comes to Madison Avenue

October 6, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Joe Fresh, a Canadian fashion love child between H&M and Zara, will be opening their first New York boutique on Madison Avenue on Thursday. The store, located at 1055 Madison Avenue, at 80th Street, is supposedly just a pop-up store to prepare for the unveiling of several more stores throughout the tri-state area.

Most items at Joe Fresh are priced around $100 and many are below the $50 mark. We checked out the boutique while staff were putting on the finishing touches. We saw a table full of colorful sweaters, lots of tweed coats and work-appropriate outfits. We are told that those merino wool sweaters will retail for $49, while a metallic pleated miniskirts will sell for just $39.

Low-cost fast-fashion is a new concept for Madison Avenue, which is more known for items that cost the same as a mortgage payment. In this case, we welcome any impulse purchase that costs less than a Tom Ford lipstick.


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