Tom Ford Half Off

July 26, 2011 by Lila Delilah

There were a lot of firsts at Tom Ford this season. The master of sexy launched his first women’s collection under his own label. The collection was presented in London to a small group of privleged a-list celebrities, fashion insiders and selected press. Unlike most fashions shows, there were no photographers and no pictures of the collection were circlulated to the media.

Depending on your perspective, this marketing ploy may have backfired. Without images and press hype, customers were never given the chance to explore the collection and become comfotable with spending thousands of dollars on a single piece of fashion. Shopkeepers and boutique managers swore up and down that the “maiden collection” would not be marked down. But we knew better…

Guess what? The collection is now 50% off!

For the first time, the entire Tom Ford women’s collection is now 50% off. That includes shoes, bags, jewelry and clothing. Unlike the men’s collection there is still a lot of merchandise from which to choose. For those who have not shopped the Madison Avenue boutique, shoes are regularly priced at about $1000, bags at about $3500 and clothes are $1500 plus.

Unfortunatly, we still can’t find pictures of some of the best pieces of the collection. For now, we will just have to wait until our shipment arrives and post pictures later. At least we can enjoy the fact that our fashionable purchases haven’t been overexposed. Now that’s another first we can enjoy!

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