Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: PhotoOp

February 9, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was about the whole family. Every year my siblings and I would wake up to a host of chocolates, balloons and stuffed animals from our first love–our dad. There is no doubt he spoiled us but we suppose there are worse things in the world.

Why not spoil your entire family and plan a Valentine’s Day that you will remember and cherish for years to come? PhotoOp is the newest family photo studio on the Upper West Side. Brian Marcus, who takes most of the photography credits in the New York Times Weddings section, oversees a staff of senior-level shutterbugs.

Of course, we can go on and on about the stylish looking editorial photos but we are equally overcome by the “sample closet.” It’s filled with some of the cutest designer kid’s clothing, which is all available for your photo shoot. There are sequined skirts, fresh starched blouses, floral bouquets, leather jackets, pink tutus, glitter shoes and rain boots. It’s almost like a mini Vogue closet.

All you need to bring is your smiles and we are sure the outcome will be the sweetest memories that will never fade.

PhotoOp: Sitting fee$199 and photo packages start at $150
442 Columbus Avenue (@ 82nd street) 212-362-1911


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