Luxury for Pennies

February 21, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Would you ever imagine scoring a $100 gift card to Neiman Marcus for just 40-cents, a 3G Apple iPad for under $21 or a Gucci bag for 84-cents?

Those types of savings are usually reserved for dreams but the users of did exactly that. Penny auctions sites like are the newest and most exciting sector of entertainment shopping. (Haven’t we always said shopping was part of the entertainment category!)

Unlike auction sites like eBay, where you’re lucky to spend full price and not get a fake. Penny auctions allow you to purchase bids and score great luxury items for a fraction of their retail price. What’s even better is that all the items on the site are purchased directly from the retailer and are guaranteed authentic and brand new.

Yes, it may cost $99 to buy 100 bids, but you’re ahead about $800 if you win a Chanel wallet for $20. A Chanel wallet for a total of $120 (the cost of 99 bids and the acution amount) is a score in our book. How about yours?

Be sure to check out to find a neverending line-up of wonderful items at even better deals.This week, is offering up great prizes like, a Verizon iPhone 4, a Louis Vuitton Neverfill and a $500 gift card to Nordstrom.

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