Gift Idea: Fine Vintage

December 14, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Our dance card has been filled with several wonderful holiday parties. Whether it’s a magazine fette at a hot new venue or a networking event at a Fifth Avenue penthouse, you need to make the decision if you want to be noticed for your bold fashion choices or understated elegance.

On either occasion it’s easy to make into cliche fashion choices. The most eye-popping looks are not the obvious choices like a Chanel clutch or Hermes JPG evening bag. When inspecting the fashion choices of other invited guests, we’ve really started to appreciate the unexpected.

Vintage and consignment stores are the best way to capture an accessory or accent that is unpredictable. LA’s Decades Two has been running a huge Chanel sale over the past week. While we expect the boutique had an amazing assortment the online merchandise has quickly dwindled.

Instead we found an amazing collection of corc Judith Leiber clutches. They are both stylish, understated and not jeweled! The prices range from $680 to $800 but the site is running a 15% off promotion if you use the code CHA15.

Don’t be shy. Take a look. You might find a gift that is perfectly unpredictable. Just remember that this is a consignment store, which means there are no backsies!


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