Elin Divorces Her Betrayal Jewels

November 17, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Tiger Woods romantically proposed to the beautiful Elin Woods while on Safari in Africa. The 6-carat brilliant cut engagement ring was a symbol of their love and commitment.

Only a few years later, that ring and all the other jewels given to Elin during her short marriage have become a symbol of dishonesty. Now Sotheby’s is being trusted in liquidating Elin’s approximately $2.5 million worth of betrayal jewels.

When the relationship tarnishes, so do the jewels. Better to move on than to languish with the dreadful memories of dreams not realized. DivoriceYourJewels.com knows this situation all to well. The company has assisted 1000s of customers move on without dealing with the questionable ethics of 47th Street or the huge fees of auction houses.

DivorceYourJewels.com is a full service company with a personal touch. Missy, the company’s founder, meets with every client personally –even at your home– to review their needs and furnish them with gemological certification, if necessary.
Missy has helped customers unload everything including, a virtually brand new Rolls Royce, huge diamonds, designer jewelry and scrap gold.

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Missy Schorr

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