Fashion Week: Duckie Brown

September 13, 2010 by Lila Delilah

The duo behind Duckie Brown, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, have a knack for making finding a keen point of view. Some might say that their fondness of mis-matched prints and cropped pants are a bit excessive, especially for men’s fashion. We say, bring it on. The best part is that the designers are sticklers for perfect tailoring and their collections are handmade. Now, that makes all the difference.

Duckie Brown Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Men looking for an unique modern spin on the “hipster” look.

Why buy: The collection is styled wonderfully. Pieces can be worn
as seen on the runway or mixed with your current wardrobe. The clothes are both wearable & practical.

What to buy: The print ankle pants are iconic.

Bypass: The plaid pieces. Too much plaid is just, well, too much.

Overall contribution to fashion: Duckie Brown gives men a chic spin on the “hipster” trend. From the collection we get some pluralist pieces and some drastic prints. The collection is practical and actually ready-to-wear!

Reporting by Erin Jeen

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