Hermès Sale: Wall Street

March 1, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Ask any Hermès sales person, on Madison, if there is a sale and they will deny, deny, deny. Aren’t you lucky that you have a friend who never takes no for an answer? It took us some time, but we finally uncovered the Hermès sale details.

Hermès has moved all marked down merchandise to their Wall Street location where discounts run from 40% to 60% off ready-to-wear. We hear there is a nice selection from spring ’09, which can easily transition to spring ’10. (We love the: It’s new to me theory.) As for accessories, only hats and gloves have been marked down. Sorry, no Birkins or Kellys today.

You better move quickly if you want capture these discounts because the merchandise is shortly being packed up and moved to the Metropolitan Pavilion for the semi-annual sale. This year, the sale will start on March 23 for press and VIPs. The general public can fill their hearts content with scarves and ties galore from March 24th to March 28th.

Hermès Wall Street
15 Broad Street
Edgar: 212-785-3030


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