The Civilized NJ Hermes Sale

March 11, 2010 by Lila Delilah

We paid our $8 toll and we’re back from the Hermes sale in the Riverside Mall in Hackensack, NJ. To us New York girls shopping Hermes in a mall is like buying Nike sneakers on 57th Street– it just never feels right.

Once we put our biases aside we were able to shop. As previously posted, the sale includes men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, shoes, hats and gloves are all 40% to 60% off. What did we find? A very calm and relaxed environment filled with unexpected treasures. (Click here to browse through a catalogue of Spy pictures.)

We found the best deals to be the shoes. High-heel platform lizard sandals that were $2350 are $1410, black patent leather flats with a silver “Kelly” buckle were $970 are now $388 and gorgeous suede high boots were $1775 are now $710. We were a bit dubious about the boots because it looks like they were reduced to $470 at one point and then marked back up.

In the ready-to-wear department we spotted a silk trench coat that was $7300 and now $2920, a $10,600 cashmere coat with a mink collar is now $4240, a heavy brandy wool winter scarf was $895 is now $537, a $345 rain hat with an orange lining is now $207 and a great bright orange knit cap with darker Hs is $177.

This sale runs though Saturday and before you ask, there are no discounted ties, belts, bracelets, jewelry, watches or bags. The big Metropolitan Pavilion Hermes semi-annual sale starts on March 23 for press and VIPs and opens to the general public from March 24th to March 28th. That’s where you can find a chop suey of all Hermes sale items.


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