Ambrosi Abrianna Sale

March 29, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Ambrosi Abrianna brings the meaning of luxury exotic handbags to an entirely new level. First, the exotic skins are collected from around the world and shipped to a tannery in Paris. After the skin is “died to perfection” it is shipped to Italy to be constructed by old-world specialists. The last stop is the Ambrosi Abrianna retail space on Madison Avenue. Talk about establishing a deep carbon footprint. No worries, George and Leo can help us balance that out.

Like other high-end exotic bags, Ambrosi Abrianna uses only one piece of skin to create each bag. In addition, the owner’s name, an inscription and serial number are engraved on a 24K plate that’s located discreetly on the inside of the bag. Purchasers also receive a climate controlled “infinity box” for storage, an owners manual, a travel treatment kit and an invitation to join the Ambrosi Abrianna Collectors Society. Hell, who needs a country club when you can be a member of a handbag society.

Membership does have its price: crocodile belts can be had for about $1,000, business card holders in ostrich or croc are about $500, but the bulk of the Ambrosi Abrianna bags retail for between $8,000 to $25,000.

This may all sound very 2008 and it is. However, Ambrosi Abrianna knows how to play it very 2010 too. The store is currently hosting a sale where several handbag styles are being discounted 40% off and custom exotic orders are up to 25% off. All joking aside, these bags are quite exquisite and a discount only makes them more appealing.

Contact: Jonathan 212-582-2506, Madison @ 70th Street


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