McQueen Frenzy

February 19, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Since the untimely death of Alexander McQueen, fans have been paying tribute to the designer the best way shoppers know how– buying his designs. We’ve noticed that inventory of his current collection has been selling out quickly. This is quite a contrast from last season, when his pricey merchandise was aggressively discounted.

Even before Christmas, his Meatpacking boutique discounted the winter collection 60%. It’s not even March and inventory is running low. On Net-a-Porter, McQueen merchandise is also selling out fast. A yellow lace satin embroidered silk dress, a signature item from the collection, is sold out except for one size. Cropped paint splashed jeans, one size left. An eagle print sift dress, one size. Knitted asymmetric spiral dress, one size. Are you following?

A spokesperson for Net-a-Porter wouldn’t comment about the renewed desire for McQueen merchandise. Though the UK Times reports that McQueen sales have soared 1400%. This is quite a turn for a company that has reported losses every year from 2001 to 2008, when a small profit was made. Economic turmoil sent the McQueen brand back into the red in 2008.

A sales person for Decades Two, the LA designer consignment shop, told us that they are almost sold out of everything McQueen. (They have two pair of men’s shoes if you’re interested.) Prior to the designer’s death, the store had a few items, including blazers and scarves. They receive several calls a day inquiring about the designer’s legacy merchandise. In general, the demand is for clothing and not scarves or accessories she said.

If only we went with our instincts and invested in our favorite dress from last season rather than saving up for a Kandinsky. At least PPR, which holds a controlling stake in Alexander McQueen (and Gucci), announced that they will “continue to build the brand” and “The Alexander McQueen trademark will live on.”


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