Manolo Sale: Last Day

February 5, 2010 by Lila Delilah

At this point, we may want to change the name of this site to Manolo Blahnik Spy– but that’s only because the sale is that good. Tomorrow, Feb. 5th, is the last day and we thought we would paint a picture for those of you who are still procrastinating.

At this point, the crowds are pretty thin and sizes and assortment are quickly diminishing. The price list goes as so: Blue sticker $185, green sticker $225, yellow sticker $250, red sticker $350 and alligator shoes are priced as marked, most of which are $700, from $4100!

The majority of shoes we picked up were in the category of $225 or $250, short boots were $250 and high boots were $350.

These prices are even better than last year, when shoes and boots were priced up to $400 (there was an orange sticker!) and alligator shoes were $1500. Of course, there will be a Manolo sample sale next month but who wants to shop in a hotel and deal with eBay crazed shoppers?

This sale is just one more day. If you want Manolos, go now.


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