Fashion Week: Pamella Roland

February 17, 2010 by Lila Delilah

Pamella Roland is best known for creating flawless red carpet looks. This season she channeled classic Venetian glamour and combined it with a sharp 2010 attitude. The soft silhouettes and structured suits were shown in winter white, purple and silver. Of course there were lots of beading, glitter and metallic. We especially went ga-ga for the detailing in the jeweled tights. Talk about attitude.

Pamella Roland Fall 2010

Immediately after the fashion show we caught up with Pamalla and asked her a few questions about dressing up:

Who is your customer: My daughter’s are now in their 20’s and their input is becoming more apparent in my collections. These days I am designing both for mother’s and their daughters.

What to buy: The violet chiffon gown with the asymmetrical bodice is striking and will look great on a variety of customers.

Advice: When shopping for a special occasion dress bypass trends and choose a gown that looks great on YOUR body.


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