Christian Lacroix Sample Sale

November 18, 2009 by Lila Delilah

The future of troubled French fashion house Christian Lacroix my still be in question but there is no doubt that their current sample sale is a necessary fashion destination. All Lacroix clothing is discounted 75% off. (Not “up to 75% off” but really 75% off.)

We were told the collections were from last year but after sorting through hundreds of runway pictures we pinpointed the merchandise to spring ’07, fall ’06 and spring ’06. Almost vintage, huh? The photo sorting exercise proved that Lacroix never really goes out of style. There are just varying degrees of edgy.

So what will you find at the lower fifth avenue sample sale? Lots of skirt suits that should probably never be worn together. Each piece is extraordinary on its own and one should probably try to restrain from gilding the lily.

Pricing? One floral print and beaded trim jacket was about $1000 and is now $250, a classic black velvet pencil skirt was $780 and is now $200 and a highly ornate sequined dress was $5000 and is now $1250.

There isn’t a huge amount of inventory but there aren’t many shoppers either. We are going to take a quick run through again on Friday and keep our fingers crossed that there’s an additional markdown.

If can’t find a size or the right silhouette, ask for Christina. She has a great feel for the inventory and her shoppers. She was even honest enough to talk us out of a blouse.

Don’t forget to check the back of the “store.” There’s still bins filled with La Perla bras from the last sale in the space. Prices are $25 and $30.

Men can sift through a great selection of Isaia Napoli shirts. Dress shirts are marked down to $130 and if you buy three they are just $110 each. Full priced Isaia shirts are usually upwards of $400.

Christian Larcoix and Isaia Napoli
260 5TH Ave @ 29th st.
Wednesday, Nov. 18 to Saturday, Nov. 21
Wed.-Fri. 10am to 7pm, Sat. 10am to 2:30pm

Contact: Christina


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