Bambini Renovation Sale

October 14, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Madison Avenue, above 79th Street, seems to be taking advantage of the economy by sprucing itself up. This past Spring, Petite Bateau renovated their store, over the summer the 63-year-old William Greenberg had a grand makeover and now the fancy children’s clothing store, Bambini, is getting ready to close for renovation.

Construction isn’t due to take place until after Christmas but the store’s owners are looking to turn over older merchandise, some of which we recognize for several years now. The current discount is 30% to 50% off most items in the store. The summer collection– logically– is more steeply discounted than winter merchandise. Acting a bit underwhelmed from the discount, however, might afford you an extra 10% to 20% off.

We found a gorgeous powder pink down coat that was marked about $500 with 40% off. When we grimaced, the discount came down to 50%. A $400 silk skirt and blouse set also went from 30% to 40% off with just a bit of an eyebrow lift. Granted. the clothing is gorgeous but these prices are still steep for this Madison Avenue Spy. Chances are that there will be further discounts as the renovation date approaches.


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