Fashion Week: Project Runway

February 20, 2009 by Lila Delilah

Project Runway designs took to the runway today but without the designers. A network scuttlebutt has thrown a bend into the finale of Season 6 where none of the designers were introduced or even mentioned.

Three anonymous design collections were presented to friends and some fashion press. (We hear that the big fashion names opted for the more traditional offsite Ralph Lauren show.)

Now for some fashion talk: Three collections, each different, but no designers attached. So from here on we will refer to the three designers as Sleepy, Playful and Edgy.

Sleepy: This collection was the most casual of the three and the least interesting. Sleepy made several sweater looks that reminded us of a sleepy Sunday at home. Sleepy’s suits were nice but not memorable and the final design was an unmemorable fitted sweater dress with a train.
Score: 6

Playful: Playful had a much more diverse collection, which included an array of tulle numbers, stunningly draped colorful silk dresses and shapely coats. We especially liked this collection for its playful use of color and materials. One tulle dress looked like it was more fitting as a cake topper but we give snaps for taking risks.
Score: 8.5

Edgy: This may have been our favorite collection for design, concept and tailoring. Edgy’s collection mainly consisted of black and gray. The overall look was a cross between Herve Leger and Plain Sud. There were lots of very fitted bondage looking outfits with tulip-like layers. The collection was very wearable however there was no diversity. Every piece was similar, even if it was a sweater, coat or dress. For that we must take away a full point.
Score: 8

Bottom line: We think if given the choice we would want an outfit made by Edgy. However, if we were handed the collection as an entire wardrobe we would easily tire in about a week. Playful takes the cake!

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