Madison Avenue Markdowns- Round II

June 1, 2011 by Lila Delilah

Last week we started our roundup of luxury boutique markdowns. Today we are updating the list with the latest additions, and will continue to do so throughout the markdown season. New entries are in bold.

Chanel sales always take place during the second week of June. Prices on clothing, shoes and accessories will be discounted 40%. Leather bags are almost never marked down, but keep your eyes open for seasonal styles, which are occasionally discounted.
Amy: 212-535-5505

The sale has not “officially” started but customers can take their discounted merchandise anyway. The markdown is 40% on ready-to-wear, shoes and select bags.
Incus: 212-717-8220

Sales persons and their assistants insist that Dior no longer has any markdowns, but we hear through the Internet grapevine that there is indeed a private sale. Either way we’re not too worried. There hasn’t been anything good to buy at Dior in years.
Jenny: 212-249-5822

Dolce & Gabbana
Almost all of the boutique’s marchandise is discounted 40%. Presale is already taking place, and the sale officially starts on Thursday.
Rodney: 212-249-4100

Giuseppe Zanotti
Most summer styles are 30% off. Some classic style shoes, like the $495 flat thong with toe crystals are full price at their store but we found them for $299 at DSW.
George: 212-650-0455

The sale started today and spring and summer merchandise have been marked down 30%. We hear there is a great variety of sizes and styles, but prices may still be expensive even with the discount. That is why we usually wait to make our purchases later in the season when the discount gets steeper.
Christopher: 646-439-0381

The sale starts VERY soon, right after Memorial Day. It hasn’t officially begun BUT the main collection is (oops, will be) 40% off and the Addition Collection and Resort are 30%
Dana: 212-257-6907

Miu Miu
Prada may have stopped their presale practices but thankfully the trend hasn’t spread to Miu Miu. Presale has already begun at the boutique. Unfortunately, the markdown is just 30% on clothing, seasonal shoes and a few select handbags. The sale officially starts Thursday.
Judith: 212-249-9660

Presale usually begins right about now with the sale officially starting the first week of June. Last season, however, Prada cut out their presales and became a lot less generous with their markdowns. You can expect a 30% discount in the next two weeks, but just don’t expect a sales associate to secure your purchases before then.
Betty: 212-327-4200

Yves Saint Laurent
The “private sale” has already started. The discount ranges from 20% to 40% on accessories but shoes and clothing are almost all 40% off. If you’re looking to save a bit on a classic style bag, we suggest opting for a seasonal color. The Roady, which is a simple hobo, is discounted to $999 from $1495 but is only available in white, baby blue, silver, olive green, bronze and gold.
Pablo: 212-980-2970


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