Retail Downturn and Cyber Monday

December 1, 2008 by Lila Delilah
Just in case you were out-of-touch enough to think that all this recession talk was being over-hyped– It’s not! This weekend, one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, I headed to one of my favorite stores– Target.
Every checkout line was manned with a cashier but the shoppers weren’t there. When I questioned the woman ringing me up she confessed that management was worried. According to Shyana, each cashier needed to take-in at least $4,000 in receipts per-day or hours their would be cut. This worried Shyana because if her hours were to be cut the holiday season would be a lot less jolly for her children. From shareholders to local cashiers everyone is feeling the pinch of Econ 101.

Speaking of retail sales, today is Cyber Monday! For the most part it’s the online version of Black Friday. eStores take this first day back from Thanksgiving weekend to offer special deals to holiday shoppers. Analysts say thatĀ online sales could be up in the low double digits on Monday, when shoppers are expected to make additional purchases at work using faster Internet connections.

Here is a link to the stores participating in Cyber Monday. Mad-Spy readers might take notice of eLuxury, which is offering shoppers 25% off on gifts. Most of the deals, however, can be found in the electronic category.

Happy Shopping!


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