Fashion Week: Luca Luca

September 9, 2008 by Lila Delilah

If there’s one brand that represents Upper East Side society it would be Luca Luca. You will never find a crude or unflattering idea float down the runway and their show is always packed with celebs and Park Avenue royalty. The first time I attended a Luca Luca show I was seated behind two stunning blonds who were swarmed by photographers: Paris and Niki Hilton. And that was two years prior to any sex video!

Today’s show was not much different. In attendance where Ivana Trump, Tinsley Mortimer and Gigi Mortimer, Carol Alt, Serena Williams, a cast member from the reality show The Real New York [Desperate] Housewives, and Howard Stern’s bombshell fiancee, Beth Ostrosky. Before I continue on to the fashion I want to mention how fabulous Beth was. First, I always knew she was beautiful but she is even more stunning in person. Second, she is as sweet as can be. I don’t think she turned down a single interview or photo request and there were more than a few. It was just very unexpected.

Now on to the fashion: Lots of white. Asymmetrical. Finely tailored. Very Luca Luca!


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