Century 21 Clearance Sale

July 11, 2008 by Hayley Corwick

Century 21 is a very interesting breed of department store. Of course it is a discounter but I have found some of the most amazing things there. Take my $4k Prada silk and mink coat that I got there for $700 or the $400 DVF dress I found there in 1998 for $25. (It still looks great today.)

Some days it’s a hit other times it’s a bust and more recently the tourists make the store somewhat of a nightmare to navigate. If you have some skill for endurance, however, and a knack for weeding through what’s mostly junk you may find a surprising gem. Starting today, Century 21 is having their clearance sale where prices are guaranteed to be more than 85% off suggested retail prices.

If you really can’t take the crowds may I suggest you head out to one of their other locations. You can find details about their non-Manhattan locations here.


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