July 30, 2008

    Goyard Private Sale

    This is a "bit" West of Madison but the Goyard boutique, in San Francisco, is hosting a "private" sale event on Thursday, July 31st from 5pm to 8pm. It's mostly overstock merchandise, so the colors that go on sale are almost always green and orange. There is an occasional red. Black and royal blue do show up, but it's a rarity.

    Last year, West Coast Spies report that the discount was from 10% to 40% off retail prices. A $2450 red Jeanne was on sale for $1800. Lots of floor samples were also for sale. Getting the $100 hand-painting cost waved might be reason enough to change your initials to match a floor sample bag. In prior sales there have also been plenty of agendas, wallets and card cases.

    Sorry but sale items can't be shipped. Trance, fire up the BBJ. We're spending the weekend at the OTHER Union Square.

    Goyard Studio
    345 Powell St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 398-1110
    July 29, 2008

    Mad-Spy Roundup (con’t)

    Coverage of final markdowns continue...

    I called and shopped asking the question, "Do you still have any Spring/Summer merchandise?" Then followed up with the pièce de résistance, "What is the current markdown?" Here are the responses in alphabetical order.

    Barneys (6th floor): "We have a bit left still." Everything is 75% of except for Marc Jacobs, which is 70% off.

    Bergdorf Goodman (4th floor): "There are bits and pieces on the racks in the special sale section." The sale is up to 75% off. Most shoes are now 65% off.

    Bloomingdales (3rd floor): "It's now the consolidation sale." The markdown is 40-35-60, which comes to a grand total of 81% off.

    Saks (3rd floor): "Yes a bit." The markdown is 60% off and the same goes for shoes.
    (212) 753-4000...
    July 25, 2008

    Madison Avenue Spy Round-Up

    Sale season is coming to a swift end and I thought it might be best if we take inventory of what's going on around town. I called and shopped asking the question, "Do you still have any Spring/Summer merchandise?" Then followed up with the pièce de résistance, "What is the current markdown." Here are the responses in alphabetical order. There's more to come on Monday.

    Chloe: "We have a few select sizes." If you're lucky to be a select size it's 50% off. (The same as back in June.)
    Gisella 212-717-8220

    Dolce & Gabbana: "We have some dresses, slacks and blazers but come in soon because it's all going out after the weekend." The current markdown is 60% off.
    Cono 212-249-4100

    Ferragamo: "It's all here until we do inventory in mid-August." Most items are 35% off.
    Nick 212-759-3822

    Gucci: "It's all gone."
    Maura 212-717-2619

    Jil Sander: "We have a little." It's all 60% off.
    Julia 212-838-6100

    Jimmy Choo: "Yes we do!" Along with shoes there is still bags too. Both are 50% off.
    Zita 212-759-7078

    Michael Kors: "We don't. Sorry."
    Christina 212-452-4685

    Christian Louboutin: "We are really nearing the end and there's about nothing left." The discount is just 40% off.
    Erich 212-396-1884

    Prada: Done
    Christina 212-327-4200

    Roberto Cavalli: "Yeah." The current markdown is 50% off.
    Sheldon 212-755-7722

    Sigerson Morrison: "Yes." It's all 50% off.

    Valentino: "This is the last week and it's all being shipped out Monday." The current markdown is 60% off.
    Robert 212-772-6969

    YSL: "There's a bit." The markdown is 40% to 60% off ready-to-wear (mostly 60%) and 40% to 50% off accessories (mostly 50%).
    Donald 212-680-2970
    July 22, 2008

    Super Saturday 7/26

    Since 1998, Donna Karan has hosted and underwritten Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's annual summer fundraiser: Super Saturday. This Hamptons garage sale is just what you would expect of a Hamptons garage sale.

    "The Rolls Royce of garage sales allows celebrities, supporters, and shop-a-holics alike to purchase designer goods at deep discounts to support a good cause," the website boasts.Everyone from Prada to LVMH pitches in to support the chicest flee market on earth. Click here to see a full list of Garage Sale Participants.

    Of course there is a hitch. Tickets to the CHARITY event start at $450. Early entry will cost you an extra $200 and sponsorships go up to $50,000. This year the festivities take place on July 26, 2008, from noon to 6:00pm, at Nova's Ark Project in Water Mill. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

    See ya there!

    P.S. Here's a bit of a hint for those of you who don't want to drop almost $500 to go shopping. Volunteers don't pay the entrance fee. All volunteer opportunities are closed for this year but plan early for next year....
    July 21, 2008

    I Spy: Phillip Lim for Gap

    I have been on the fence about Phillip Lim since he hit the fashion scene in 2004. Not sure on what side I sit at this point but I have to admit that there are a few things that I have liked. This past season Phillip did what every up-and-coming designer does-- partnered with a big box store. No, not Target, but rather what I consider to be the most boring store of them all-- the Gap.

    The designs were actually nice and I even considered pressing the checkout button on Gap.com . Upon consideration, however, I thought it was silly to spend $78 on what is basically, a white Gap shirt. Much rather have a white Miu Miu or Prada shirt if I'm nearing the triple digit price tag. (I love the spandex in their material.)

    Time as passed on and Winter has turned into Spring and Spring into Summer. Now that $78 short is 7 bucks at your local Gap. For that price, who can say no? Online however, there are only two styles left and the price is far more at almost $30. Either way $7 or $30, the shirt is a good deal. I hope you agree....
    July 18, 2008

    Saks Spend Some Get Some 7/24

    The bonus gift amounts for shopping at Saks have been announced. They are not as generous as they were in May but a gift is still a gift.

    Here's how it breaks down for the Thursday, July 24th gift card "event."

    spend $250-$499 --> get $25
    spend $500-$999 --> get $50
    spend $1000-$1999 --> get $100
    spend $2000-$2999 --> get $300
    spend $3000 or more --> get $450

    Happy Shopping!...
    July 17, 2008

    Neiman Marcus Extra 50% Off

    If you have a few moments of surfing time, hop over to neimanmarcus.com. They are hosting an extra 50% off fine apparel already reduced merchandise (that's the stuff we like). The selection is small but the products are stunning. The merchandise is already reduced 30% and another 50% brings the total savings to 65% off.

    Most items are four figures long before the new discount and still kind of pricey. However, I would gladly take this Dolce & Gabbana belted bubble dress over a full priced Tracy Reese. Granted, this dress is not for everyone but to me it yells, "chic." This Dolce was origionally $2,395 but is now about $775. Gulp. I think I am going to be passing on both the Reese and the red bubble....
    July 16, 2008

    Jimmy Choo Sample Sale Undone

    Friends report back that the Choo sale is a bit of a sneeze. This is how it went down-- Press was given entry at noon, friends and family at 1:00pm and the general public had access at 2:00pm.

    The prices are as follows: Shoes are $250 to $275. Boots range about $300. Exotic shoes are $375. The bag selection is small and range from $200 to $1100. The Mahala, photographed below, was $600.

    There are no sunglasses but there are wallets, which are $100 for large sizes, $75 for medium sizes and $50 for credit card/business card holders.

    The sale runs until tomorrow at 6pm. As usual I say--PASS!...