Exclusive Mytheresa: Balenciaga Private Sale 50% Off

November 15, 2022 by Lila Delilah

Getting into a sample sale early feels good but snagging a link to a private sale feels like walking the red carpet at the Met Gala. (Hello, Anna.) We are so excited to have the link to the Balenciaga private sale on Mytheresa. The discounts are up to 50% off and there is no funny business with engagement emails or minimum spends. Just click here and enjoy. Aren’t you glad we are friends?!


Hourglass croc style sling bag $1365 from $1950

Logo cardigan $1190 from $1790

BB belt (cream) $346 from $495

 Neo classic croc-effect mini bag (burgundy) $1540 from $2200

Balenciaga logo sweater $1050 from $1500

BB pumps $475 from $950

Mini Hourglass in highlighter yellow $840 from $1200

Hourglass belt $332 from $475

 Neo classic mini moto bag (green) $1365 from $1950

Triple S sneakers $735 from $1050

Blade ankle boots $725 from $1450

Platform sandals $312 from $625






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