D’aniello: Pre-Season Winter Savings

July 26, 2022 by Lila Delilah

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When it’s 100 degrees, the last thing anyone wants to consider is cold weather. Puffer jackets and wool coats are as desirable as a hot bowl of soup but in recent years early-season shoppers have come to learn that preseason shopping offers the best deals. So while you’re feet are in the sand, it’s a good idea to check out new season fashion.

This is especially true at the Italian boutique, D’aniello. Starting today, you can save 15% off new winter arrivals in this link with the code MADISON15NEW. (Men can use this link.) Remember, we have a great euro-dollar advantage and D’aniello covers all duties and taxes. It’s a super great deal for us. Be sure to check out the options from Max Mara and Moncler. You don’t find these deals in November when you really want that bowl of soup.


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