Mytheresa: Valentino 50% Off

June 13, 2022 by Lila Delilah

Monday mornings are sometimes tricky but a lot more exciting when Valentino is reduced 50% off. Good thing Mytheresa is delivering the Monday sunshine we desired. Check it out now. There is a huge assortment of really great items, including classic bags and shoes. The best thing is that a lot of is literally half off. Take a look at some of our favorite finds below. (You’ll also find Isabel Marant and lots of other new designers added to the sale section but the V is the big standout.)

Valentino Romanstud bag (pink) $1575 from $3400

Valentino Romandstud bag (navy) $2010 from $3400

Valentino Romanstud bag (denim) $2275 from $3400

Valentino pink Roman Stud with pink studs $2200 from $3650

Valentino thong sandals (white and black but lots of other colors too) $225 from $450

Isabel Marant sneakers $339 from $489

Valentino mini top-handle Rockstud bag$875 from $1750

Valentino Romandstud flats with ankle straps  $770 from $1200

Valentino Romanstud tote (green)$2040 from $3400

Valentino stud Sign bag (orange) $1710 from $2850

Valentino sandals with gem logo $1113 from $1600

Valentino small Rockstud tote (dark blue)  $1575 from $3150

Valentino belt reversible (chocolate/gold) $245 from $490





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