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December 2, 2021 by Lila Delilah

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IsuiT, which is widely known for offering Italian Sartorial Luxury, has extended its site-wide sale until Sunday, Dec. 12. If you’re looking for something truly special to buy you’re loved one,  they have a wide range of Kiton, Zilli, Cesare Attolini, and more.

Their prices are already ridiculously good but with their extra 15% discount (Code: TGIBF15)  you can get an important piece of tailored Italian luxury at the best possible prices available in the world.


This Zilli suit, for example, would normally set you back around $5000 but with iSuitT’s already discounted prices and Black Friday promotion, it will only cost you $2600.


This Kired 100% cashmere blazer was made in collaboration with IsuiT.  It’s perfect for a  black-tie event. 

It’s the perfect item for those who don’t want to wear black but also don’t want to break any normal conventions for a formal event. These suits are built specifically for “the modern man.” The style represents a man who also has responsibilities but also knows how to enjoy himself.

The normal price is $1000 and it comes to just $850 with the Black Friday discount. Now that’s what we call a bargain. IsuiT has all of the normal suit colors available for these particular suits, so pick one up for your loved one today!

Luigi Borrelli

This is a 100% virgin wool multicolored suit for around $450 after the Black Friday promotion it comes to just $400.

Luigi Borrelli Suit suits are very fairly priced – considering each one is hand-tailored by a specialist. As you can see from the picture the quality is very high. The fabric is high-quality and so is the construction.


This incredible burgundy double-breasted tuxedo truly is something special. With a retail price of over $10,000, it’s a truly classic piece that will last you a lifetime. It is one item that is sure to keep you looking stylish practically for the rest of your life. The main reason it’s so expensive is that it’s made from the elusive material,  Vicuna wool, which is one of the most expensive animal fibers. It is warm and luxurious.

You will not see many blazers that look as good as this Kiton Burgundy Tuxedo Blazer

 Fefè Glamour Pochette

Fefè might be less well-known in terms of Sartorial fashion but it’s not any less quality. Fefè brand has been fighting for its spot among the best-of-the-best.

This Fefè Glamour Pochette blazer is a brown-red wool jacket with a classic fit. It is made in Italy and has a 60/40 blended composition of wool to polyester.

It has a stylish classic design, which makes it perfect for work or formal events. It features six front storage pockets, two side vents, and functional button closures at the front for convenience when sitting down.



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