Four Days in Paris: My Favorite Places

December 4, 2021 by Lila Delilah

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Paris several times. Most recently, I went over Thanksgiving on a Mother/Daugther trip. After several requests, I put together a list of all my Paris favorites based on four days. I hope you find it helpful.

Hôtel de Crillon (A Rosewood Hotel) is located on Place de la Concorde. It’s really one of my favorite city hotels. I love that it mixes a modern approach to an old-world vibe. It’s not stuffy, the rooms are a nice size and the staff is very sweet and helpful. Each time I return I feel like I’m staying with family.

Paris Ritz is located in my absolute favorite location in Paris, Place Vendôme. I frequently imagine Coco Chanel staring out the window and seeing the same beautiful setting that exists today. The hotel itself has an older world feel but represents luxury at its highest standard. You also can’t miss the nostalgia of the Bar Hemmingway.

The Peninsula Paris is probably a little more controversial to put in my top three. It’s located right near the Arc de Triomphe, which isn’t really within walking distance from the best shopping and restaurants. When staying there, you take a lot of cabs. I do, however, really love the hotel. It’s fresh and bright. The rooms are large and the bathrooms are spectacular. I think it defines modern French very well.

Hôtel Costes: I’ve never met a New Yorker who doesn’t love Hôtel Costes. Reservations aren’t accepted and the staff is notoriously rude. Inside, the restaurant is filled with a heavy cloud of cigarette smoke and cramped seating. The food is delicious and the abuse is somehow delightful. If you want a very interesting experience, show up jet-lagged and hungry for dinner at 1am.

Girafe is known for its gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower, which is the origin of the restaurant’s name. The interiors are plush and the lighting is perfect. The menu is weighted heavily in fish and seafood. Don’t miss the desserts, which are always my favorite part of the meal at Girafe.

Les Jardins du Presbourg feels like a party invitation. It’s a part club and part restaurant. The vibe is jovial and the food is very good too, which isn’t always the case when DJ’s and restaurants are combined. Expect lots of dancing and singing and don’t be surprised if you find yourself on a table as the hour approaches midnight.

Sadelle’s (at KITH)

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris and is the local equivalent of Madison Avenue. You’ll find every designer store imaginable including Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Goyard, and more. Of all the stores, you’ll find the best deals at Goyard where the price is about 35% less than in the US. It’s not much of a secret anymore. So don’t be surprised if you find a line that spans over an hour to get into the store.

Le Bon Marchè is owned by LVMH and after an $894 million renovation, the store is really a Parisian icon within itself. The space is over 100,000 square feet and beyond shoes, bags, and clothes, it hosts a food market, co-working space, a spa, and a hotel. There are over 600 brands to shop from. Plan to make this stop a full afternoon activity and probably grab lunch at one of the restaurants inside.

KITH is like taking a bite out of the big apple while in Paris. It’s crisp and young and if you are attuned to the streetwear culture, you already speak the language fluently. The space, which is 16,000 sq ft was partially designed by the artist Daniel Arsham, Inside you’ll find KITH retail, KITH treats, and a KITH for Sadelle’s restaurant.

Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées is a newly opened satellite location of the famous department store. We love that it’s edited down to a much more manageable size. What’s great is that they hit all the high points and they have everything you need. We love how the space is laid out and lunch at the restaurant, which was designed by Jacquemous, serves a great light fare.

Printemps is where you might end up if you’re trying to get into Goyard without waiting hours. When we went, there was still a line but it was indoors and more manageable. We also loved the department store’s watch and jewelry floor that includes Rolex and Cartier. There is no doubt that Printemps is a luxury department store.

See: (ie wave hello.)
Eiffel Tower
Tuileries (Gardens)
Arc de Triumph

Things to do:
Cooking class: We loved making madeleines and souffle. I have a lot of luck using Airbnb Experiences to book classes, tours, and excursions.
Bike tour


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