Haute Pursuit: High Sale Season Hack

June 30, 2021 by Lila Delilah

It’s only the beginning of Summer and sale season is hot-hot-hot. While everything is essentially on sale it can take hours to find the best price. I have a hack that can save hours so that you can get back to your beach-side margarita.

Haute Pursuit makes it much easier to find the right item for the best price. The desktop browser extension actually scans thousands of websites to find alternative sale options while you’re already shopping. You can click here to download the extension to your browser now. Haute Pursuit will be available for mobile browsers in the Fall.)

Haute Pursuit will scan the product against 1000s of retailer’s websites to find you all the matches that are on sale. If you know exactly what you want, you can click the Haute Pursuit icon in your toolbar and enter a search term. The extension can be used with Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Without Haute Pursuit I would have never found this Loewe tote for 70% off and I never expected to find this Fendi Vertigo print tote for nearly $500 less than it can be found locally before it dropped down like a silver parachute. The multi-colored version is nearly $1000 less than US retail. 

These Manolo Hangisi classics were delivered to my computer screen for 40% off retail. You’re not going to find this Prada puffer at this price again and these Prada nylon synch bags sell out in a hot minute. Search “Loewe Obi” and you might get a pleasant surprise.

All of these deals would have taken hours to pinpoint and there is a great chance that they would have gone unnoticed. Haute Pursuit saves you time and money. That’s a combination that’s essentially priceless. 

Downloading the  Haute Pursuit extension is very easy and will immediately engage. Just one note for Chrome users: After downloading, hit the puzzle piece next to your search bar and hit the pin icon. Feel free to contact us at hello@hautepursuit.co if you have any questions, feedback, or comments.

Now, check it out now and apply an extra layer of sunscreen. 

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