Nugnes 1920: Early Season Discounts

February 25, 2021 by Lila Delilah

A lot of our local stores are done with sale season but that the world is big. There is always an alluring reason to shop! Nugnes 1920 is a multi-brand store with several boutiques along the Eastern coast of Italy and they are offering 15% off new Spring and Summer merchandise with the code WELCOME15.

The site has a great selection of Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada and YSL for which you can apply the discount code. The site even has a selection of the new Ken Scott Gucci collection. Check out this floral print bucket hat that comes to $354 from  $530 US. That’s essentially a 30% savings. This white Gucci belt is $374 from $470 US. This Bottega Veneta messenger style bag is $1700 from $2150. It’s probably more usable and less trendy than some of the brand’s other new styles. This Prada net pouch is $860 from $1220 US and a Saint Laurent Baby Sac du Jour is $2000 from $2290. 
The savings doesn’t always seem huge but when some items are comparied to US retail the difference can be a good first markdown. Take note, that some new seasons shoe sizes are selling out fast.  If there is a great classic, you might want to take this opporunity to snatch it up now. 

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