Introducing: Haute Pursuit

January 23, 2021 by Lila Delilah

When I first stated Madison Avenue Spy, about 12-years ago, I spent most of my time writing the post and just a bit of time sorting through sales sections. Today, there are so many sites and so much merchandise online that I literally spend hours sorting and scrolling through products and a much smaller portion of time actually writing.

Shopping has become a full-time job.

With a little twist of technology, we are making the effort of finding the right item, for the best price, a lot easier. Haute Pursuit is a desktop browser extension that actually scans thousands of websites to find alternative sale options while you’re already shopping. You can click here to download the extension to your browser now. (Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used on mobile devices.)

You can also click the  Haute Pursuit icon in your toolbar and enter a search term.  Haute Pursuit will scan your key term against 1000s of retailer’s websites to find you all the matches that are on sale. 

How it works:

Say you’re shopping at Nordstrom and looking for a Bottega Veneta Pouch ($2790).  Haute Pursuit automatically drops down a box that offers a large variety of discounted Pouches. Haute Pursuit served up this Pouch from a much smaller retailer for just $1550. It’s doubtful that I would have found this exact item for this price without hours worth of work.

Haute Pursuit is still in Beta testing and doesn’t automatically drop-down suggestions at every retailer. Remember, you can tap the Haute Pursuit icon in the toolbar and enter a search term to find nearly any item for which you’re in “Haute Pursuit.”

Downloading the  Haute Pursuit extensions is very easy and will immediately engage. Just one note for Chrome users: After downloading, hit the puzzle piece next to your search bar and hit the thumbtack icon. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, feedback, or comments.


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