Holiday Edition: Obsessions & Impulses

December 5, 2020 by Lila Delilah

It’s undeniable that this year is like none other in our lifetime. The differences are even more palatable as the holiday season rolls in. Fifth Avenue is usually packed with revelers and this week I found Rockefeller center to be only sparsely attended. 

Saks Fifth Avenue felt like a Summer Tuesday morning– meaning it was essentially void of customers. The block of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was only occupied by me, multiple security guards, and a few security dogs. If ever there was a year to take stock, this would be the one.

Even as this year has provided horrible suffering and insurmountable obstacles, I have always held to the philosophy that any opportunity to celebrate should be embraced.  Some of the most special moments of celebration are quiet and intimate. It is an opportune time to be more thoughtful, more caring, and giving. 
This week, we started a series of gift guides. Over this way, you will find some inspiration if you need to buy a corporate or client gift. If you’re a long-time blog fan, you might know something about the woman who has everything. Here is a gift guide for a few items she might like.  
Those who are sale-shopping can check out the new items added to the private sale of Ssense. There are some second markdowns too. Here is a YSL Matelasse Envelop bag for $1826 from $2350 and Opyum heels are $677 from $995. This Moncler puffer is $895 from $1210. The sale also has a great assortment of Comme Des Garcon Play items, which make great gifts.
Dolce & Gabbana fans should check out this private sale link. You can use the code FW20FORYOU. to save 40% off. This minibag comes to $1050 from $1750, sneakers are $405 from $675, and a logo belt is $285 from $475. 
Missoni lovers can fill the loss of Century 21 by heading over to Saks Off Fifth. The discounts top 80%. This Missoni hat is $50 from $250 and this scarf is the same price. 
Remember, the Chanel sale starts this week. You can get all the details in this post. I just added more pictures and will continue to add more. I can’t share contacts but you can search through past posts or use the general department store contacts that I frequently mention. 
Coming back to where we started, Saks started is amidst its first markdown. We have pictures from inside the sale in the post. This Saint Laurent studded camera bag is $1365 from $1950,  Tribute sandals in khaki green are $416 from $595, Stuart Weitzman high boots are $500 from $800. There is also 10% off lots of beauty brands.

Remember to head to  Instagram stories for some Saturday night fun. 
Stay tuned. Until next time… same time, same place?


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