Gift Guide: What to Get the Brearley Girl

December 7, 2020 by Lila Delilah

New York private school girls are the most interesting specimen. They have more academic pressure than a first-year law student but many are more entitled than a Goldman senior VP. You can pick a random weeknight and observe them in their natural habitat at Nobu57 or La Pecora Bianca.

Shopping for these girls is no easy task. The bar is high but it’s easy to take a step off the ledge and voila… Serena van der Woodson (or a horrible Gossip Girl reboot character). This year is even more onerous as most of their social lives have been confiscated by the pandemic.

With a bit of Covid guilt, we hit the scroll and organized a list of great gifts that even the Brearley girl can brag about. Don’t worry, none of these suggestions are beyond the bounds of an Upper East Side starter pack.  

Lululemon Tech shirt ($68)

Golden Goose Superstars ($356 from $530)
Love Shack Fancy dress ($255 from $425) or  sweater ($295) 
Gucci sneakers ($449 from $650)
Hair Wand Curling set ($150 from $250)
Moncler Hat (kids large $195 from $250 adults)
Alexander McQueen bag ($644 from $920)


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