Ssense: Private Sale Begins

November 16, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Update: The Ssense sale is now public!

Ssense started a private sale today. To view the discounts you will need to use this link and log into your account. The markdowns span up to 60% off but most items are reduced 20% to 40% off.

There are very few shoes and bags included in this limited markdown but there are good finds nonetheless. Some of the sale highlights include Balmain, Canada Goose, Herno, Moncler, and Valentino. This classic Balmain tank is $215 from $395 and this sports bra is $150 from $225. This Canada Goose parka is $595 from $950 and this new style Moncler logo puffer is reduced 35% off.  We spotted this mini Rockstud bag is $975 from $1475. 

Don’t miss the selection of Amina Muaddi shoes. These green mules are $520 from $660 and this closed-toe metallic style is $755 from $1020. 

The sale officially opens to the public on November 20. We will be sure to add more great finds from the Ssense sale to this post as we dive further into the sale section. 


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