Harvey Nichols Pricing Advantages & Big Promotions

November 6, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Sponsored by Harvey Nichols and ShopStyle 

It’s always fantastic to pounce on a great deal but what do you do when it’s not sale season and there is an item you need. Paying full price is always an option of last resort but another tactic is to price compare stores overseas.

Harvey Nichols is a famous London luxury department store. We’ve consistently found retail prices for less than you would find stateside. These Golden Goose sneakers are regularly priced at Harvey Nichols for $410 but these Superstar sneakers normally retail for $530 in the US. The same goes for many beauty items like Creme de la Mer moisturizer is $145 at Harvey Nichols but $190 at most US beauty suppliers.

The deals are even better during a good promotion, which is right now. Through November 14 you can shop Harvey Nichols and save 22% off purchases over $800 (excluding beauty) or 11% off everything $799 or under.  Just use the code SINGLESTYLEUS at checkout to engage the extra savings. That means those Golden Goose sneakers go down to just $364 and my favorite La Mer face cream is only $129.

Some other great standouts include this Canada Goose Down parka that comes to $936 from $1200, this ‘S Max Mara alpaca blend teddy-type coat comes to $866 from $1765 in the US and this Barbour jacket by Alexa Chung is $382 from $688 at many other retailers. Don’t miss all the great Herno jackets and the excellent price advantage. This quilted shell is $382 from $645 in the states and this heavier style with a fur collar is $1496 from $2235 normally.

This promotion is a prime opportunity to also stock up on some gift items. This Off-White Jitney bag is $805 from $1225 normally and Veja sneakers are $93 from $105.

The moral of the story is that a good sale or promotion is always opportune but knowing where to find a great price advantage as offered by Harvey Nichols can be equally as important. You really hit the jackpot if you can score both– like NOW!


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