Intermix Labor Day Sale

September 2, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Labor Day isn’t always the best time to shop for super discounts. The new collections are still very, um new, and retailers aren’t quite ready to start discounting. This year, with delayed shipments, retailers are even more discount avoidant.

If you’re looking to get a jump on the holiday weekend with very attractive discounts, we suggest you browse over to Intermix. Right now you will find a varied assortment discounted up to 75% off. The best part is that not all the options are strictly based on the Summer wardrobe.

Check out this Philosophy blazer that’s only $379 from $1580 or this Blaze Milano gold lamé style that’s $300 from $1440. This checked blazer bodysuit is an interesting piece for  $270 from $1150, an Ulla Johnson dress is $179 from $550, and this Adam Lippes dress is $290 from $1290.

These promotional sales are also really great for basics even if they aren’t drastically reduced. Here is a bubblegum pink cashmere cardigan for $170 from $280, this ribbed sleeveless tank is $119 from $178 and Frame flared jeans are $99 from $235.

It’s also a wise time to anticipate your needs for travel– if that’s even a thing this season. It never hurts to have a fresh bikini and pair of shorts when the time comes to jet out of town.


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