Giglio Discounts on Fall Collections

September 15, 2020 by Lila Delilah

It’s always fun to explore a distant store’s fashion online and then have the opportunity to physically visit. The experience is usually a lot different than you imagine but there are always nice surprises.

Giglio, has stores in Milano and Palermo and is deliciously Italian. The boutique carries local contemporary brands like Pinko and Twin Set in addition to all the luxury brands you would expect to find in an upscale multi-brand store. 

To encourage international exploration through the ease of your fingertips Giglio is offering 15% off Fall merchandise with the code MID15. The discount isn’t huge but the bright side is that you can find a lot of items that are difficult to source or are already sold out at other retailers.

Over this way, we found a Bottega Veneta Airpod case that comes to $382 from $450 and this is the first time we spotted a Bottega Veneta Cassette belt bag. It rings out at $1020 from $1200. Here is a mini woven Jodie for $1462 from $1720. 

This Prada Spectrum bag is new this season and this new little Prada Matinee has a retail price less than it would be in the US and comes to $1800 from $2450. The same goes for these Golden Goose sneakers that come to just $213 from over $500 usually. The code doesn’t work for Gucci but if you’re looking for Lamé Princetown slides, they have them here. 

All shipping is free for purchases over $150 and all duties are already included in the price shown. That means there is no tax and no surprises. 


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