Weekend Shopping: The Hermes Sale Debacle & More

August 8, 2020 by Lila Delilah

The Hermes sale at Americana Manhasset took a turn worthy of thespian honors. There was bribery, line cutting, cursing, screaming thievery, fraud, acts of nature, threats, and ultimately a blackout. The sale only lasted one day (thankfully) as the power went out in the entire neighborhood, on Friday.

The situation begs the question: At what extent will you go for discounts? I have always been known to circumvent the compromise. An undesirable designer item purchased, even on sale, is typically no value to me. I rather not have a bag even at half-price if it’s the wrong color. My closet isn’t forever expanding and I choose to reserve the valuable real estate for items I truly desire.

This guidance is, even more, the case when it comes to Hermes. On sale or full price, Hermes is expensive. Oran sandals in Rouge Garance? No thank you. I rather spend $300 and have a more natural and wearable color. A Clic-Clac in Vert Anis? I rather save my money for something else.

This guidance isn’t only true of expensive brands. The same methodology can be applied to sales that carry inexpensive items. I often avoid sample sales of beauty products. One needs to calculate the cost of time and travel, the element of crowds, and remorseful purchases against the potential savings. Usually, a trip to Sephora will save you money and you’ll ultimately have less clutter.

A good shopper buys things on sale to have them. A stylish shopper buys beautiful things to own them.

Moving on to sales of worthy items. TheOutnet is offering an extra 30% off a preselected assortment of merchandise, which brings the total savings to 75% off on some items. This Alexander McQueen dress comes to only $360 from $2000, a classic Ellery dress with fluted sleeves is $150 from $705, and a Saint Laurent velvet blazer is $690 from $3300.

You can jump over to the Italian-located Tessabit, which gave us a special code TS15MADISON, which will save you 15% off new season items. You can apply the savings to this new pastel pink Gucci Marmont, or the new Fendi Joshua Vidas collection tote. Remember, there are no taxes or duties, which increases the savings.

If you are looking for some serious fashion without making a huge investment, I suggest you click over to the Moda Operandi sale, which is now an extra 20% off. This Temperley London glittered ombre dress is spectacular and comes to $550 from $2700 and Loewe sandals are about $300 from $750. You can see more of our great sale picks over here.

Earlier in the week, we found some serious deals on Ssense. Here is a Versace silk blouse for $300 from $1000 and this Valentino tote is $700 from $1300. Click over to more finds here.

The new season deals on Italist are worth hunting especially to get your most coveted item for a little bit less than you would pay at a store right now. Here is a Saint Laurent Lou waist bag for $750 from $995, a Gucci lingerie set for $800 from $1100 US, and Bottega Lido heels for $890 from over $1200 US. The full story is here.

Last, but certainly not least, Nordstrom kicked off its Anniversary sale to cardholders. There aren’t usually a lot of designers finds but there are a few key worthy purchases like this Riki lighted mirror (that I own and love) for $130 from $205 and this Stokke stroller for $485 from $650. More of our sale items can be found here.

That’s all folks. Until next time… same time, same place?


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