MatchesFashion 80% Off Finds

August 28, 2020 by Lila Delilah

It’s perplexing how a seemingly innocent scroll through an 80% off discount can lead to a not so benign checkout page. That is exactly how the trouble recently started Thursday night on MatchesFashion.

Editorial worthy shoes for $200? Why not! An archival Balmain dress for about $500? I’m sure I will find someplace to wear it. Oh, a new Maison Michel (Chanel) hat for $200 can’t be bad. Right?

You see, it’s a slippery slope. Here are Balenciaga knife boots for $330 from $1650, a Valentino pouch for $268 from $645, and a Jil Sander Sombrero bag for $800 from nearly $2000.

Go ahead. Take a scroll through the MatchesFashion sale section and feel secure knowing you’re not the only person wondering ‘how did this happen’. 


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